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Decline of Labor Force Population in China's Textile and Garment Enterprises

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normal of China's economy. Population dividend should be said to be an important force to support the rapid growth of textile economy in the past few years, and the gradual decline in recent years is also an obvious trend. However, it is still controversial whether China has reached the inflection point, but the general view is that the past view that labor supply will continue has changed. People see more and more labor from surplus to shortage, especially in the textile industry.
Recently, the data released by the state show that the proportion of the working-age population declined for the third consecutive year while the economic growth rate declined in 2014.
According to statistics, the working-age population of 16-59 years of age decreased by 3.71 million in 2014, more than in 2013.
The decline of the demographic dividend has also become one of the symptoms of the new normal of China's economy. Population dividend should be said to be an important force to support the rapid growth of textile economy in the past few years, and the gradual decline in recent years is also an obvious trend. However, it is still controversial whether China has reached the inflection point, but the general view is that the past view that labor supply will continue has changed. People see more and more labor from surplus to shortage, especially in the textile industry.
It has become a common fact that textile and apparel enterprises find it difficult to recruit workers. Every year at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the loss of employees will make business owners anxious. There is only one purpose for such measures as buying tickets for employees and sending them home: hope that employees can return next year. If you come back with one or two, there will be rewards. Even so, there are still many young employees who choose to leave. As the boss knows, order reduction is not terrible, and it is most painful not to recruit employees. Low wages and poor working environment may be the main reasons why young people are reluctant to choose textile enterprises, and the decline of the labor force will make the shortage of migrant workers worsen year after year.

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