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Development History

Development History

Founded in 1994, Zhejiang Huashen Silk Import and Export Co., Ltd. was called Zhejiang Huashen Industrial and Trading Company when it was initially founded. With domestic trade as the main business and foreign trade as assistant business, the company integrates mulberry planting and silkworm breeding, silk making and weaving, clothing production and foreign trade.

At the initial stage of its development, the company overcame various difficulties, constantly expanded its business scale and made rapid development.

In 1998, under the situation of continuous acceleration of foreign trade development, in order to better participate in global economic circulation after China joined in WTO and adapt to fiercer and wider competition after trade liberalization degree of the world was improved, the company was renamed as Zhejiang Huashen Silk Import and Export Co., Ltd., adjusted its development strategy, expanded foreign trade, consolidated domestic trade and turned into an industrial and trading enterprise with domestic trade as the main business and foreign trade as assistant business. Its foreign trade business was extended from Southeast Asia to Europe and America and its products were expanded from silk clothes at the beginning to various silk fabrics, auto parts, hardware products, etc.

In the new century, under the spirit of “Customer Uppermost, Credit Foremost, Quality-assured”, the company makes unremitting efforts. It has formed a high-quality talent team, has wide sales channel and constantly expands foreign trade, maintaining the total import and export volume of more than 50 million dollars since 2006.


In recent years, the company vigorously develops import business so that scale of the company has been expanded continuously. Facing the future, the company will keep pace with the time, stick to consistent development policy of the company and create new development space.